Playing about with panoramas

I have just got back from the stunning Stellenbosch near Cape Town, where I took lots of pictures, some of which are on my Flickr page.

One of the photos was the biggest panorama I have ever taken. It was made of 10 D800 photos stitched together in Photoshop and it measures 27,246x5,874 which, for those without calculators or the Rain man like ability to multiply big numbers is equal to 160 Megapixels.

Years ago I used to use Zoomify but that is no longer compatible with my Mac so I started looking for other options. This is a good blog post and came up with a  couple of options. The option of using Google+ was out because the image is to big to upload to Google. sounds quite straight forward so I uploaded the file to some webspace and then typed the url into

Here is a link in case the embedded version doesn't work
Seems to work well!

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